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EDC focuses on up to date and powerful computer-based (i.e. "in-silico") methods. The founder of EDC and  co-workers of EDC have since long experience in the experimental side of the offered expertise. This is a specific feature of EDC and lays a sound basis for the application of the chemoinformatical methods, as data of high quality are a prerequisite to build good predictive models.

People within EDC  are member of international und national  committees, e.g. the Management Board of the European technology platform SusChem, the German Science Foundatioen (DFG) as well as member of the board of the Division of  Sustainable Chemistry within the German Chemical Societey.

Profile of EDC

What does EDC stand for?

EDC means Evaluation and Design of Chemicals.

How can EDC assist you?

EDC can quickly provide data of high quality (e.g. for REACH, EMA, U.S. FDA) of chemicals, active pharmaceuticals, adjuvants as well as their impurities, metabolites and degradation products, therein for good value for retrospective and prospective purpose:

  • Evaluation and registration of existing compounds
  • Improvement and optimization of existing compounds
  • Targeted design starting from both existing lead structures and de novo-design

Which tools does EDC use?

EDC applies computer-based methods for the targeted calculation of substance properties such as

  • Physical chemical properties (e.g. water solubility, volatility, octanol water partitition coefficient)
  • Toxicicty (e.g. mutagenicity, genotoxicity
  • Ecotoxicicty (e.g. fish, bacteria)
  • Fate in the environment (e.g. biodegradability)

What other expertise does EDC offer?

EDC has long experience in

  • Literature survey
  • Hazardous waste materials
  • Hazardous material ordinance
  • Evaluation of chemical analysis (procedures and results)
Does EDC offer experimental worK?

EDC has no laboratry facilities. Expermental work is conducted in cooperation with experienced partners. EDC will be happy to co-operate with partners recomended by its costumers.



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